Susan's Song

By Gil Gerretsen

Susans Song Cover.jpg

The Endearing Story Of A Woman's Battle With Breast Cancer

Description: A compelling view and reflection of a Christian woman's four-year journey after receiving a catastrophic breast cancer diagnosis. Live each day and month through her eyes and heart as she freely shared each transition with her large network of friends. Her life will bless your life! Her spirit will warm your spirit. Written as a personal collection of email narratives as she shares her deepest thoughts and feelings during her journey while she deals with the ravishes of this dread disease.

Published in 2007 | DreamGiver Books | Available on Amazon (click here)

Print Version

ISBN: 978-1-947190-05-4

Page Count: 105

Price: $12.99

Kindle Version

ISBN: 978-1-947190-07-8

Page Count: 105

Price: $9.99