Polished Persuasion

A Work In Process - By Gil Gerretsen

Polished Persuasion - Cover.jpg

Everyone must master the skill of persuasion. You'll have unhappy and unfulfilled relationships if you never become a polished persuader. You're business career will falter if you never become a polished persuader. You'll never achieve economic freedom is you don't become a polished persuader.

Polished persuasion is not about gimmicks and tricks. That would be called manipulation, which ultimately does more harm than good. Polished persuasion is about getting your head in the right space and doing things the way that works!

Polished persuasion is about knowing the best way of helping good people get what they want while you also get what you want. Polished persuasion is a way of understanding how the world really works ... and how you should work within it. Polished persuasion is about building GOOD habits and thought patterns.