Never Stand Still

We can never stand still. Each successful sale means a step forward in our personal development. Opportunity holds out its hand waiting for you to grasp it. Opportunity is always at hand to help you take your proper place in the business world. Remember, however, that it is up to you, and you must win on your own merits.

Keys To Success

We would not have our modern political, social and economic world without salesmanship. Hence, each person needs a clear understanding of its nature and underlying principles. For any person who seeks to prosper, marketing and salesmanship are the keys to the gate of success.

A New World Order

No person will prosper unless they understand and apply the dual sciences of marketing and salesmanship. If you do not master the required skills and build a practical understanding, you will be forced to the bottom sectors of the population, simply to earn a subsistence income in trade for great losses of personal freedom. A new world order continues to evolve and you must decide how well you will function within it.

Is Salesmanship Necessary?

When options are not available, people either want the thing or they don't. No skill is required to make a sale, and often, the item is not even made until the order is placed and the compensation has been agreed to. These ways were once universal. They still exist in some parts of the globe. If you have a monopoly, salesmanship is not necessary. The question then becomes, what happens when you don't have a monopoly? Is salesmanship then required? The answer is that whenever someone has more than one choice, then persuasion and salesmanship automatically becomes necessary or the people providing those choices will fail and cease operation.

Three Key Elements

Seasoned rainmakers know that a successful framework has three key elements. "Marketing" encompasses the tools and processes associated with finding and connecting with prospects. "Salesmanship" includes all the tools and processes associated with converting prospects into customers (persuasion). "Customer Service" is comprised of the processes associated with optimizing the value and longevity of those customer relationships.

Selling With Certainty

Now, the only sales uncertainties pertain to the people and the products, not to methods. We cannot say that a specific offer will be popular, but we know how to find out very quickly. The perils have been almost eliminated. The results have improved exponentially. Individuality is still an essential element of business and rainmaking, but those variable things which depend on ingenuity have no place in the modern era. A skilled rainmaker’s framework leads to predictable results and larger returns.