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See What's Coming Next
Description: Gil is actively writing the next set of books in the Polished Persuasion series and he is sharing previews on his Facebook Page. If you'd like to have a sneak peek ... or perhaps even add your own thoughts and opinions, then please come join the conversation.

Coming Soon | DreamGiver Books | Available on Facebook (click here)

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Head Trash

How To Earn What You Are Worth
Description: This is the FIRST book in the Polished Persuasion series. It is a Reading Course designed for people who are open-minded and alert. Rising stars that understand and appreciate how much more benefit and life enjoyment they can gain through regular and thoughtful consideration of wisdom learned from the experience of others.

With this book you are about to start a great adventure - to make yourself the person you were meant to be. You'll learn how to think differently and overcome the false ideas that others have placed into your mind. You'll discover how to make yourself anything you want, provided you will strive unceasingly to reach for the summit of your ambitions.

This book is written in a special style that allows you to study a short element once or twice per day and then contemplate the meaning for your life before you move to the next element. As you work your way through this book and the Polished Persuasion series, you'll be excited about your work again. Your dreams will be in reach again. This is your chance to reach for the stars again!

Published in 2018 | DreamGiver Books | Available on Amazon (click here)

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ReLaunch Code

Blast Through Your Growth Ceilings
Description: Build the business you deserve rather than the one you have! You launched your business with great aspirations. You were certain that great things lay ahead. Things went well for a while. Then revenues started to flatten out. Perhaps they flat-lined completely or even started to fall.

You tried various ideas discovered online or proposed by friends, but things really didn't change very much. You've hit a plateau or "Growth Ceiling." You need to get unstuck soon or trouble lurks around the corner. If you linger or decline too long, it will be an agonizing experience for you. You KNOW you are capable of much more. You DESERVE much more!

But how? All you need to do is learn the ReLaunch Code. As you discover and implement the processes that drive this Scientific Marketing formula, you'll reignite your business and start flying high again. Once you know this formula, you'll be able to handle any Growth Ceiling that ever comes your way. You'll be excited about your work again. Your dreams will be in reach again. This is your chance to reach for the stars again!

Published in 2017 | DreamGiver Books | Available on Amazon (click here)


Susan's Song

The Endearing Story Of a Woman's Battle With Breast Cancer
Description: A compelling view and reflection of a Christian woman's four-year journey after receiving a catastrophic breast cancer diagnosis. Live each day and month through her eyes and heart as she freely shared each transition with her large network of friends. Her life will bless your life! Her spirit will warm your spirit. Written as a personal collection of email narratives as she shares her deepest thoughts and feelings during her journey while she deals with the ravishes of this dread disease.


Published in 2007 | DreamGiver Books | Available on Amazon (click here)

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The Giraffe Principles

How To Grow A Business That Rises Above The Crowd
Description: In the wilds of Africa, only the giraffe rises calmly above the crowd below. This book will show you how giraffe-type businesses take specific actions to "stand tall" in the marketplace by seeing farther than their competitors and feeding where others cannot reach, thereby gaining greater market control and earning increased profits. Leave the competitive marketing jungle and stroll onto the wide-open plains of greatest opportunity.

Published in 1999 | Printmasters Press | Out Of Print