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Never Be A Lone Wolf!

Wolves hunt in packs for a simple reason. Their survival rate as lone "do-it-yourselfers" is poor. Working together with like-minded peers greatly improves their end results. It is no different for entrepreneurs.

When I started my first company, I engaged a personal mentor right from the beginning and I've always retained at least one, and often two, to help me with my thinking and action plans. For the last 20+ years, I have also become a mentor to many other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Great mentors provide guidance, wisdom and direction so you don’t become mired in self-doubt. A mentor is also a business investment. When entrepreneurs are mentored, 70% of their businesses are still in operation five years later -- double the survival rate of non-mentored small businesses. Yet, a woeful number of entrepreneurs never seek one out.

here are seven reasons having a mentor is important

1. Gain experience not shared in books: Experience is a very expensive asset -- yet it's crucial to business success. There's only so much about a person's experience you can gain from books. It's an unstated truth that most authors do not feel comfortable revealing everything about themselves in books. Some personal experiences may be too intimate to be shared, yet how they dealt with it can help an inexperienced entrepreneur's career. Mentorship is a guaranteed way to gain experience from others.

2. You're more likely to succeed with a mentor: Research and surveys prove that having a mentor is important to success. Your chances of success in life and in business can be amplified by having the right mentor. The valuable connections, timely advice, and the spiritual and moral guidance will leapfrog you to success.

3. Network opportunities: Mentors generally have a wide network of people who can benefit your business. This is an opportunity you cannot tap into if you do not have a mentor.

4. A mentor gives you reassurance: Research has proven that a mentor has a powerful positive effect on emerging entrepreneurs. Having someone who practically guides you and shares your worries with you -- often placating your fears with their years of experience -- keeps you reassured that you'll be successful. Mentors help young founders tap into their self-confidence and see every challenge as an opportunity.

5. A mentor will help you develop stronger EQ: Your Emotional Quotient (intelligence) is crucial to success. When an emerging entrepreneur has a more successful and mature mentor who advises them, they are likely to have greater control over their emotions. An inexperienced person often makes decisions based on emotions, but one with a mentor is able to overcome critical hurdles by making smart and decisive judgments.

6. Encouragement: Enduring the consequences of failure on your own can set you back and impact your productivity. In hard times, having a mentor will help you keep your head high. Entrepreneurs often deal with depression when they are unable to meet their goals and expectations. A mentor who has experienced the highs and lows of running a business is in the perfect position to give positive and soothing words of advice to you when things don't go your way. Not only do they know the right words, they'll likely also have ideas to help you navigate your way to success.

7. Spiritual alignment: In today's often high-pressure and money-driven environment, it is hard to keep your eye on God's desires and priorities. A like-minded mentor helps you keep the proper mindset and maintain the right priorities as you move forward.

So ... if you'd like to talk to me about working with you, please feel free to reach out and schedule a conversation.

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