Risk-Free Book Publishing

DreamGiver Books helps referred authors navigate the fundamentals of preparing their books for publication and distribution. Unlike publishers of the past who put the burden and risks on the author, we only share in the author's success and sales as they happen.

More and more authors are taking advantage of modern technology to dump the traditional book publishers and take control of their own destiny. DreamGiver Books is focused on helping such authors fulfill their writing dreams with minimal risk on their part.

If you need it, we will facilitate an introduction to a freelance editor who will make sure your copy is ready to go. Then, we will get it formatted, protected and published.

However … we have one rule! You MUST be referred to us by one of our authors. We put a lot of energy into our authors, so this helps us make sure that you're the right kind of person. Sorry, but this is non-negotiable. We're a small company (and wish to stay that way), so we can't handle a huge influx of inquiries.

If you have an appropriate referral, please open a dialog using the form below.

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Starting To Think About Marketing Your Book?

While you are waiting, here are some tips to help you towards your ultimate goal of profiting from yoru book:

BE REMARKABLE - You must find a way to stand out from the crowd. Is there a phrase or image that you can claim? How will people talk about you and what will they say to their friends?

VOICES OF AUTHORITY - Your book does not even need to be finished to get testimonials. We'll show you how to reach out to a college professor, a CEO from a networking group, or a leader of a popular company. Let them know you're writing book and ask for a testimonial. We'll how you how to tap into your Linkedin network too.

CREATE BOOK VIDEO TRAILER - Video is quickly becoming central to the online world. Create a special video which you narrate … because people want to connect with a real person.

CREATE A BLOG BOOK TOUR - We encourage you to research and visit relevant blogs and let them get to know you by leaving memorable and useful comments. Once published, enhance the relationship and leave comments linking back to your book. It takes time to build trusted relationships and identify possible review opportunities, so choose blogs whose writers are consistent in their posting.

USE FACEBOOK - Create a Facebook page and use it to engage with your readers. Let them know what's happening with your book(s) and what you are working on (i.e. Are you writing another book?)

USE TWITTER - Be selective but friendly. Don't over promote on Twitter but rather look out for people who will promote you - by sharing the link to your blog or book sales page. Make friends. Friends help friends. Using favorites and retweeting influencers is a good way for getting them to notice you. Find creative phrases to thank them for their retweets.

MEDIA RELATIONS - Traditional press releases are dead, but online collectives such as Reddit or H.A.R.O. can serve as search engine magnets to get a reporter's attention.

FIND A LOCAL SPONSOR - Your new book might be a great giveaway for a local business (i.e. a bank). Many companies invite speakers with books to their company or community events.

CONNECT WITH LOCAL NEWS - The news editor is always looking for great stories about local people. Send an inquiry letter with a testimonial from someone who has credible recognition and authority.

BECOME AN AMAZON BEST SELLER - You can use Amazon to build a private mailing list that will continue to support you and your book for years to come.