Risk-Free Book Publishing

DreamGiver Books helps emerging authors navigate the fundamentals of preparing their books for publication, initially through ebook channels and if warranted, through print-on-demand channels. Rather than charging up-front fees, we share in the author's success and sales as they happen.

Here's the back-story. There was a time when any aspiring author needed to spends months or years finding an agent and publisher for their book idea. Most of the time they were given a cold shoulder. Eventually, many authors decided to get their book in print by ordering a garage-sized supply and then attempting to market the books themselves.

That high-level of risk is no longer necessary. More and more emerging authors are dumping the traditional book publishers and venturing down the path of self-publishing. DreamGiver Books is focused on helping emerging non-fiction business authors fulfill their writing dreams without any financial risk on their part.

Once your book is ready to go, we will get it protected and published. Then we'll help you begin the marketing process so you can start earning income from your book. If you don't earn anything, neither do we!

Wondering what we do differently from other new-era publishers?

  1. We focus on publishing new books by non-fiction business authors.
  2. There are NO upfront fees (however, you may need to hire a freelance copy editor).
  3. We give you an ISBN number.
  4. We help you register your copyright with the Library of Congress if you desire that option.
  5. We provide supportive coaching to help you with the marketing process.

How are we compensated? Unlike almost all other publishers, we charge a 10% share only on your income from SOLD books. You keep 90%.

If you think you might be an appropriate fit, give us a call at 1-864-735-0541.