Hi, I'm Gil Gerretsen

Many people call me their "Marketing Oracle." I'm an author, consultant, and speaker in the field of Scientific Marketing for privately-held companies ... and perhaps best known as the creator of the world's first practical Scientific Marketing process (visit BizTrek.com).

When you first meet me, or read my books, you'll probably be instantly aware that I'm highly creative and energetic, with a passion to mentor the founders and leaders of high-growth and high-impact companies across the globe.

Folks are often surprised to learn that I got my first taste for business creation when I, and a team of other high school students, created Canada's most successful student run company in 1973. Later, after finishing my schooling at the University of Calgary (Canada), and then a decade in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors fixing troubled ventures, I launched and sold my first business (a software company in Seattle) in the late 1980's. Since then I have launched, acquired, and sold other businesses. I have also personally mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, in all kinds of industries and locations, who use my techniques to launch, acquire, and grow their own businesses.

Although I work with all kinds of people across the globe, I consider it a special privilege to guide and assist Christian entrepreneurs who seek to build a business that stands out from the crowd in a way that honors ALL people. Rather than being an ugly "exclusionist," I am an "inclusionist" that feels Christians should be kind-hearted and loving to ALL people, whether we agree with them or not. That mindset should be reflected in our businesses. I further believe that, when doing so, God will guide us to the best uses of the time, talents and treasures he provides. If I can be of beneficial service to you, I hope you will reach out so we can chat privately and confidentially.

About The Medieval Lion

Many people have asked about the "medieval lion" icon visible on the upper left corner of every web page and on Gil's business cards. So here's Gil's explanation: 

"Years ago, I delved into my family's ancestry (which I traced back to 1560) and discovered the Gerretsen Family Coat of Arms (below). As a Christian, I liked the symbolism of the lions (Lion of God) on the shield and adopted it as a type of personal logo."

  Gerretsen Family Coat Of Arms